Paterson Sympathizes With the Dolans Over M.S.G.

David Paterson was on the WFAN “Boomer and Carton” show this morning, expressing frustration over the city’s stalled major development projects.

“What I’m going to do,” Paterson told the hosts, “is probably move construction of Moynihan [Station] to the Port Authority, which I think has a better chance of getting it done quickly, and I hope that we can start construction quickly enough that we can reverse plans that exist.”

The plans that exist currently—to build a new Penn Station partly inside the Farley Post Office, and a new Madison Square Garden—have sort of fallen apart, and now the Dolan family, which owns the Garden, says they are going forward with renovations on the arena.

Paterson doesn’t fault the Dolans. “I don’t blame them for reacting to that,” he said, “because one of the things that frustrated me about government—and I am in government—is the excessive delays to plans.”

“I think the Dolans finally got fed up with the delays,” Paterson said.

Like Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn, Paterson said he isn’t in favor of the major tax break the Garden gets and spoke strongly in favor of public-private partnership—something Bloomberg has pushed.

“A lot of these deals that are tried to make sure that basketball, hockey, football and baseball. The arrangements don’t always work that well for the public,” he said.

“This is why with the new Mets and Yankees stadium[s] you’ll see far more private ownership getting involved. And also—the thing about these stadiums, they could get built right on time, and that is one of the perceptions of government that we’re going to have to change, that we can do something in a reasonable amount of time.”

Also: He’s optimistic about at least part of the Atlantic Yards project.

“The Brooklyn arena is going forward,” he said. “If there is continuing delay or legal action against the use of eminent domain, which is when the government condemns property and then excises it, which I didn’t think there was very much at the Atlantic Yards … I still think the Nets will wind up in Brooklyn,” he said.

Paterson Sympathizes With the Dolans Over M.S.G.