Sabrin warns McCain to back off Iraq position

Republican United States Senate candidate Murray Sabrin warned his party’s presumptive presidential nominee today that his stance on Iraq is dragging down the Republican Party.

“As it is most likely you will be the Republican nominee for President and I will be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in New Jersey, we’re going to be running mates this November” said Sabrin in a video message to Sen. John. “So I have one really big favor to ask of you from one maverick to the other: stop trying to convince the American people that you are right in our involvement in Iraq’s civil war.”

Sabrin cited a recent Monmouth University poll that showed Obama besting McCain in New Jersey by 24%, and a Bergen Record poll that showed McCain trailing by 8%.

The Monmouth poll also showed Sabrin, who describes himself as the frontrunner for the Republican Senate nomination, running third in the pack of Republican contenders with 4% of the vote compared to Joe Pennacchio’s 5% and Dick Zimmer’s 25%.

Sabrin wants a full withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq by September, 2010.

Sabrin warns McCain to back off Iraq position