Scorsese to Take On Sinatra?

Marty Scorsese recently ducked out of a Bob Marley project and passed it along to another rock doc director, Jonathan Demme. They cited “scheduling conflicts” for the switcharoo, but what will Mr. Scorsese be working on instead? According to Frank Sinatra’s youngest daughter, it might be a biopic about Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Cinematical points us to an interview Tina Sinatra did with Sun Media in which she said the movie would be helmed by “the most prominent Italian-American filmmaker” in Hollywood. Coppola, perhaps? Nope, she later confirmed that Mr. Scorsese would be behind the lense.

But according to Sinatra, this won’t be a big gangster picture. The movie will show him innocent of true involvement with the Mafia: “I don’t want him to be driving the getaway car. That would not be fair. But I trust him (Scorsese) implicitly.” It seems that Scorsese is in “a reflective period and is willing to present the truth about her father.” From the way Sinatra is talking about Marty’s involvement, it sounds like he is in final negotiations, but hasn’t yet signed.