Simon & Schuster Acquires Facebook Book

Media Mob got an e-mail a few minutes ago from a publicist at Simon & Schuster informing us, in the subject line, that “Facebook is subject of new S&S acquisition.” Holy cow, we thought! Mark Zuckerburg finally agreed to sell? To Simon & Schuster? They’ve had a pretty good year, sure, but what would a publishing house want with Facebook? Maybe someone up high thought they were really buying a book?

Turns out Simon actually just acquired a book about Facebook. Not nearly as exciting but still: David Kirkpatrick from Fortune is writing it, it’s called The Facebook Effect, and Zuckerburg has agreed to cooperate. The book “will chronicle the amazingly rapid rise of this company as well as the impact it is having on social life, politics, business and even international relations.” Pub date scheduled for Fall 2009.