Source: Obama to Headline a D.N.C. Fund-Raiser in Manhattan

barack flag h Source: Obama to Headline a D.N.C. Fund Raiser in ManhattanBarack Obama is set to headline a 100-person Democratic National Committee fund-raiser in Manhattan on June 4, the day after the last primary, according to a supporter organizing the event.

The $28,500 per-person event is taking place at 820 Park Avenue, at the home of prominent Democratic fund-raisers Jane Hartley and her husband, Ralph Schlosstein. Checks for event will be made out to the White House Victory Fund, the newly created financial arm of the D.N.C. whose proceeds go to the Democratic nominee.

According to the event organizer, the fund-raiser is meant to signal that the Democratic Party establishment is getting ready to recognize Obama as their candidate and shift Democrats’ focus away from the protracted primary with Hillary Clinton and onto the general election against Republican John McCain.

According to the organizer, “We don’t want it to look like a victory party,” but rather, "a reality check.”

I’m waiting to hear back from the Obama campaign.