The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

The outrage over the spray-painting of Williamsburg’s own “Myrtle the Turtle” continues. [Gowanus Lounge]

The MTA will begin selling advertising space on subway exteriors, leaving no surface in the city unbranded. [Second Ave. Sagas]

And parents thought T.V. was toxic. A report released today by the Public Advocate charges the School Construction Authority with opening schools on “potentially toxic sites” that could pose a health threat to children. [City Room]

The latest trend in home decorating is casket furniture made of recycled coffins collected from funeral homes in Southern California. They may be used (and a little creepy) but a warning to all you closet vampires out there: this stuff doesn’t come cheap. A “coffin couch” will run you $4,500. [Buzz Feed]

“Picky” New Yorkers agree the city is “world class,” though less than 10 percent are happy with the level of public services here, according to a new survey. [NYDN]

Put away your dancing shoes, New York! It turns out the city is almost as inhospitable a town for dancers as the one Kevin Bacon confronted in Footloose (from a legal perspective). [Grub Street]

Chumley’s won’t be opening in May after all–not that many of us believed the optimistic deadline. [Lost City]

Amid all the doomsday prophecies, a nearly two-decade old New York Times article is a reminder that we’ve been here before. [Deal Breaker]

The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday