The Morning Read: Friday, May 9, 2008

The editorial board of The Staten Island Advance, a hugely influential paper in Vito Fossella’s district, wants him to resign.

As of 6:39 a.m., 147 Advance readers commented on the story.

Peter King says people are encouraging Fossella, telling him, “Hang in there, you can win.”

The subhead in this New York Post article says Fossella won’t resign.

A Republican congressman from Florida said, “If his district is anything like mine, I suspect that it’s over.”

Lou Young says Fossella’s carreer is “all but destroyed.”

The Daily News thinks Young is correct.

They say leading candidates to replace Fossella include Dan Donovan and Andrew Lanza.

The News covers The News‘ coverage of Fossella.

The Washington Post cushions the blow, saying Fossella was already vulnerable.

Alan Colmes notes that Fossella’s other woman is single.

Chris DeBello says the only thing left for Fossella to do now is become a Democrat.

Nicholas Kristof says Hillary Clinton “just doesn’t have a plausible route to the nomination.”

Clinton may not be able to recoup the $11 million she loaned her campaign if she drops out before the convention.

The New York Times editorial board isn’t impressed with Christine Quinn’s new budget reforms, writing, “They do not pass muster as real reform” and that “it still allows a council member to funnel money to an organization with personal or political connections.”

David Paterson said he’ll review police procedures in the wake of the Sean Bell verdict.

NBC’s Jonathan Noel captures the real news, saying Paterson “sympathizes with both sides.”

The West Side Rail Yard plan is dead, reports Eliot Brown.

It’s because the developer wanted to wait until the entire site was rezoned.

The son of Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio couldn’t get enough signatures to run in the June 3 special election in Queens.

The openly gay candidate in that race still isn’t happy that he was attacked by Elizabeth Crowley for denouncing a piece of hate mail.

Bloomberg is on this blogger’s short list of V.P. candidates.

The Washington Times editorial board carries a column by Cal Thomas, who doesn’t like the Time magazine list of influential people, and asks, ‘Why is Mayor Michael Bloomberg on the list? Most of the world’s people don’t live in New York City, though on Friday afternoons while trying to escape by plane or car it sometimes seems they do. Maybe he is influential because of the high taxes and tolls over which he presides.”

And Mike Barbaro has a dispatch from his trip to Ireland with Michael Bloomberg, Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson.

The Morning Read: Friday, May 9, 2008