The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Edward Luce thinks today is Barack Obama’s last chance to knock Hillary Clinton out of the competition.

The Edwardses will not endorse.

Clinton’s anti-Wall Street rhetoric is being resented on Wall Street, according to the New York Sun.

Obama buys cake for voters, eliciting off-message metaphors.

The National Right to Life is robocalling against Obama.

A new AP-Ipsos poll shows Clinton leading nationally 47-40 after some gain for her and loss for Obama.

A Survey USA poll from North Carolina shows Obama leading, 50-45, mostly because of early voting.

Ben has the new Obama song.

Vito Fossella and a drinking buddy named Brian were asked to leave a trendy Washington bar hours before Fossella was arrested.

The woman who Fossella called while in jail has one daughter born after she got divorced, and, the Post reports, she “was always ‘vague‘ about who fathered the child, one relative said.”

On Fossella, Clyde Haberman wrote, “He was so sloshed, they said, that he had trouble reciting the alphabet. That’s pretty drunk.”

Michael Bloomberg defends the City Council.

Andrew Cuomo’s effort to stop movie piracy gets picked up by the L.A. Times.

Republican state senators facing tough reelections got a lot of taxpayer money for member items.

Members of the minority conferences, like Andrea Stewart-Cousins, got less.

Sometimes, the money went outside the district.

Jacob Gershman compares the city budget to the state budget.

Trymaine Lee looks at boxer-turned-State Senate candidate Joe Mesi.

And the Journal News thinks Jeanine Pirro “may have found the perfect marriage.”

The Morning Read: Tuesday, May 6, 2008