The Round-Up: Tuesday

“Matzo Gate” comes to a close as residents of 475 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn are allowed back into their live-work spaces. [NY Times]

A new subsidized ferry route from Queens to Lower Manhattan, via Brooklyn, will begin next week. [NY Times]

City health inspectors gave five restaurants a slap on the wrist for failing to post calorie counts near prices in the first round of citations on Monday. [NY Times]

The new “I love New York” tourism campaign uses the city to lure visitors to the rest of the state. [NY Times]

The biggest US mortgage financing company, Fannie Mae, plans to raise $6 billion after it reported its third straight quarterly losses. [Bloomberg]

Violations may halt construction of a Columbus Avenue residential project. [NYDN]

Mayor Bloomberg wants to install a network of cameras to catch cars illegally using bus lanes. [NYDN]

The city’s floating pool will dock in Hunts Point this summer, perhaps permanently. [NYDN]

“Myrtle the Turtle,” a fixture in Williamsburg, was found spray painted the same color as a nearby construction site, angering residents who have become fed up with the pace of building in the neighborhood. [amNY]

Upstate airports will receive $5 million in federal funding. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Tuesday