Wednesday, May 7th

Why is Hillary Clinton dissing what she calls “these Wall Street money grubbers”? Some of those money grubbers are our best friends! (And surely one will be our future husband!) Back to home base, it’s only a few days into spring and already we’re exhausted by skipping lunch to fit into those treacherously short, weirdly schoolmarmish spring dresses—and don’t even get us started on the “summer boot,” a marketing gimmick by manufacturers to exploit New York women’s insane obssession with boots. Well, saddle up, it’s time to get some galas in before the summer airlift to the Hamptons. There’s a bash for Phoenix House, which benefits substance abuse treatment, honoring Peter G. Peterson, senior chairman of the Blackstone Group who begat Holly Peterson, poster of socialite music videos on YouTube and writer of books about male nannies. Expect Tina Brown and her knighted hubby, Sir Harold Evans, and other finely aged power duos such as Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols, Caryn and Jeff Zucker, Cynthia and Steve Brill, Vanity Fair writer Marie Brenner and banker hubby Ernie Pomerantz, and Jane and Jimmy Buffett (huh?), not to mention saucy Baba Wawa and Henry Kissinger (who are not, as far as we know, attending together). Meanwhile, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, philanthropic brainchild of David Rockefeller, honors Mayor Michael Bloomberg, playwright Edward Albee and artist Kiki Smith at its Downtown Dinner, an annual gala uniting artists and business figures for the glorious purpose of continuing to inflate the art market! We called up Ms. Smith, who told us she loves Mr. Albee but does not love the real estate sitch in Lower Manhattan. “Artists used to be a dominant population below Canal Street,” she said. “Now I couldn’t afford to move to where I live now, either.” (That would be the East Village, where she maintains a garden.) “I’m really interested in flowers and chairs at the moment—both together and separate,” she said. “What flowers mean and what they mean in your life in different contexts—what a bouquet means, what a corsage means … I love dandelions. I like that they’re uncontrollable.”

[Phoenix House 40th Anniversary Gala, the Plaza, Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, 6:30 p.m., 646-505-2091; Downtown Dinner 2008, 7 World Trade Center, top floor, 6 p.m., 212-219-9401]