A Little Perfume That Couldn't

The newest fragrance called Secret Obsession from Calvin Klein is having a little trouble launching.

First Women’s Wear Daily reported that television networks were refusing to air the provocative ads for the perfume starring Eva Mendes whispering something about having a very sexy secret. Then, last night’s celebration in honor of the launching fragrance—which was perhaps doomed from the start when it was scheduled to take place at 421 Broome Street, the site of Heath Ledger’s death—didn’t exactly work out.

Instead of Eva Mendes and her entourage welcoming them, guests were greeted by police sirens and scrambling publicists, according to The Cut. It seems that Calvin Klein’s PR team was faced with a similar problem that plagued the infamous Hamptons gallerist: The building was considered a residence and lacked a permit to accommodate a party, sending guests, photographers, and models into the rain.

The party was then rumored to have been moved to Barolo on West Broadway, where only a select few were allowed to enter. Ms. Mendes never arrived.

One of the publicists was reportedly overheard saying, “We’re going to get a lot of bad press from this.”

At least they saw it coming.

A Little Perfume That Couldn't