An Encouraging Sign From Albany for Bloomberg's Gansevoort Plan?

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t have very many reasons to be happy with Albany.

But here’s one, maybe: Sheldon Silver is making encouraging noises about the mayor’s effort to get a waste transfer station sited inside Gansevoort Park, an idea that seemed to stall in face of protests.

Here’s a transcript, courtesy of an interested reader, of what Silver said during a press conference yesterday:

“One of the major problems with the bill that the Senate passed is that the actual language of the bill declares that a waste transfer station shall be deemed park purposes. We’re trying to understand if that means that children should be playing with the trucks that come in and out or the garbage that goes in and out. What we’re trying to do is work out a logical way in which we do a park transfer, as we’ve done previously, as we’ve done in Van Cortlandt Park on the water filtration plant, as we did on Yankee Stadium on the transfer of the public lands where the new stadium is going, versus the old stadium that’s being substituted. The mayor and I had a good conversation today. Christine Quinn, the speaker of the City Council, and I had a discussion on this issue today. We’ve talked to some of the affected members and we’re hopeful that we can reach a solution that will bring about a complete solid waste program for the City of New York in the very near future.”