Are Mike and the Mad Dog About to Split Up?

The future of the city’s best radio talk sports show ever, Mike and the Mad Dog, is in jeopardy. Newsday‘s sports media reporter, Neil Best, reported Sunday that the two oddball hosts of the show, Mike Francesa and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, are on the verge of splitting up and it’s unlikely that both will be on WFAN to celebrate the show’s 19th anniversary this September. The reasons why aren’t entirely clear, but apparently the two are fighting.

For sports fans, life without Mike and the Mad Dog is a little like imagining baseball without the Mets. Since the late 1980s, they’ve scored the biggest interviews and have had the most influential voices of any sports reporters or broadcasters in the city. For WFAN, the wound could run particularly deep: about year after losing their morning show, Imus in the Morning, they could lose their drive-home show too.