At Gay-Rights Protest of Golden, Some Democrats Are Warned Too

Here are the highlights from yesterday’s press conference where a number of gay activists from Brooklyn criticized Republican State Senator Marty Golden for joining a lawsuit to block state agencies from recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside New York.

At the event, activist held signs calling Golden a “bigot,” and accused him of “homophobia,” primarily for signing onto this lawsuit.

They also announced a plan to put pressure on six legislators from Brooklyn — Dov Hikind, Nick Perry, Steve Cymbrowitz, William Colton, Peter Abbate, and Annette Robinson — who voted against same-sex marriage last year. (Two legislators, Alec Brook-Kransy and Carim Camara, abstained.)

As the clip above seems to show, those six legislators won’t get hit with the kind of rhetoric that Golden got hit with (although activist Allen Roskoff tries.)