Bigger, Better Battery Park Ferry Terminal Finally Arriving

In 2000, the Port Authority announced it would build a new, $37.4 million Battery Park ferry terminal to replace the “temporary” one installed in 1989, to transport 12,500 weekday commuters between New York and New Jersey, but September 11 thwarted the plan.

A lot of different Battery Park ferry terminal developments have happened in the past eight years, but the five-slip, upgraded terminal had yet to appear—until this weekend. A trio of tugboats will finally bring a permanent, “state-of-the-art,” terminal from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to the Battery Park City promenade on Saturday morning where final installation will begin, the Port Authority announced today.

The press release issued by the agency is similar to the one from 2000, except the cost of the terminal has grown to $50 million and ridership has dropped to 7,400.

Managed by private ferry operator BillyBey Ferry Company, the terminal will begin service later this summer, in anticipation of a passenger influx from the new Goldman Sachs headquarters in Battery Park City and the yet-to-be completed World Trade Center site.

It will be able to accommodate more commuters with a 22,000-square-foot passenger waiting area and improved amenities like gangway separations for arriving and departing passengers, restrooms, concession kiosks, additional seating and improved lighting.

While installation work is completed, the temporary terminal will be moved further north.

Bigger, Better Battery Park Ferry Terminal Finally Arriving