Bruno Behind the Wheel, Paterson on M.T.A. Perks

Barack Obama did a radio ad for a pro-war Democrat in Georgia. [T.P.M.]

Mike Tomasky loved Obama’s response to John McCain’s Guantanamo argument and hated CNN’s “breathless assertions that McCain had Obama on the defensive.” [Guardian]

Joe Bruno drove a big truck. [Spin Cycle]

Fred Thompson is the latest former presidential candidate to appear on a conference call for McCain. [First Read]

Andrew Cuomo is suing the Department of the Interior on behalf of the Paterson administration over land the feds gave to the Oneida Indians. [Cap Con]

Comments by an M.T.A. board member about public transportation provoke outrage among public transportation advocates. [Streetsblog]

David Paterson issued an “unusually angry denunciation” about the M.T.A. board’s perks. [City Room]