Calling All County Committee Candidates

Anyone interested in running for City Council? If so, please report to the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. Immediately.

That’s the message from, a New York-based nonprofit organization that tries encouraging people to run for local public and party positions.

In an email to supporters, the group’s deputy director wrote:

This year, there are more than more than 12,000 seats up for election within the Democratic Party in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn (Republican seats and the remaining Democratic seats will be up next year).  Without a strong recruitment effort in the next five weeks, more than half of these County Committee seats will remain vacant. Running for these positions is easy – it requires gathering about 20 signatures.  And the formal responsibilities are minor – often attending only one meeting – during the two-year term of office. However, County Committee often provides a convenient stepping stone for higher office and offers an excellent way to build a network of block captains capable of turning out the vote on Election Day.
[W]e are strongly encouraging any individuals who are contemplating running for City Council in 2009 to consider running for a County Committee seat now. Our team at Grassroots Initiative will provide all the training and assistance you need to master the petitioning process so your race for Council will be smoother and more professional. 


Calling All County Committee Candidates