Dennis Hopper to Crash Into Starz Series

Dennis Hopper, one of the creepiest of all creepy actors thanks to his role in Blue Velvet, has signed to star in Starz’s TV-adaption of the movie that ran away with the 2005 Best Picture Oscar, Crash. Starz will premiere the first episode in October. Variety reports:

A co-production of Starz and Lionsgate, “Crash” begins shooting this month in Los Angeles and Albuquerque under the aegis of Glen Mazzara (“The Shield”), who is writer, executive producer and showrunner, and his co-executive producers Frank Renzulli (“The Sopranos”) and Ted Mann (“Deadwood”). Director of the first episode is Sanford Bookstaver (“Bones”).

At a production cost of more than $2 million an episode, “Crash” is the biggest original scripted series ever set in motion by Starz. The vast majority of the network’s programming is theatrical movies, and “Crash” represents the first of what Starz expects will be a number of original series based on recognizable theatricals, said Stephan Shelanski, executive VP of programming for Starz Entertainment.