D.N.C. Shuffle, McCain's May Money

Barack Obama makes his mark on the D.N.C., which will no longer accept contributions from lobbyists and PACs. [ABC]

Howard Dean will still be chair of the organization. [Ben]

Paul Tewes will be Obama’s man at the D.N.C. [Lynn Sweet

Here’s the delicately worded email Hillary Clinton sent to supporters last night. [Kos]

John McCain raised $21.5 million in May, his best month yet. [The Caucus

Mitt Romney is now critiquing Obama’s foreign policy. [The Swamp

Michael Bloomberg resists the idea that the federal government needs to be involved in investigating the construction accidents. [City Room

One executive is selling his $17.9 million apartment now in case Obama becomes president, Max Abelson reports. [The Real Estate

Hiram Monserrate makes his State Senate bid official. [Queens Chronicle]

Jen Carson wonders what Peter Vallone, Jr. will want to do when he hears about the guy that climbed the New York Times building. [Gothamist]

Six sirens at the Indian Point nuclear plant don’t work. [Herald-Record

D.N.C. Shuffle, McCain's May Money