Donatella Versace is Inspired by Barack's Masculinity

At her Spring/Summer 2009 Men’s wear show on Saturday, June 21st in Milan, Donatella Versace reportedly dedicated the collection to Senator Barack Obama, calling him “the man of the moment.”

Ms. Versace said that the look inspired by Senator Obama was designed for a “a relaxed man who doesn’t need to flex muscles to show he has power.” Later, while talking to reporters at the after-show dinner party at her private palazzo in Milan, she offered some styling tips for the presidential candidate: “I would get rid of the tie and jazz up the shirt,” she said.

Unfortunately, Senator Obama doesn’t look like the type to wear sheer scarves tucked underneath silk T-shirts, a look that dominated the designer’s collection. And we would seriously have to question his commitment to the presidential race if he started riding that bike around in strappy man-sandals, another staple in the show.