Ed Towns on Endorsing Obama, Yesterday

Today isn’t “Day One” on the Barack Obama bandwagon for Representative Ed Towns of Brooklyn.

When I asked him about joining other New York elected officials to endorse Obama today in Washington, D.C., Towns told me, “Well, actually, we did it yesterday.”

“Greg Meeks, Yvette Clarke and I endorsed Obama yesterday,” he went on. “As a delegation, we’re getting ready to do it today.”

The three of them, Towns said, “made a decision that the process was over and we’re not waiting for anybody.”

“He formed the kind of coalition that this country needs in this day and age,” Towns added.

Later, I asked Towns if Obama’s strong showing in the district Towns represents affected his decision to endorse.

“The fact that she did not carry the district–that is something I looked at,” he said. “But the point of the matter is I worked with her in Washington, D.C. on many issues. She is a hard-working person and I had a relationship with her; she represented New York, so there, I felt I would support her.”

When asked about Clinton being Obama’s running mate, Towns said it was a good idea.

“She has 18 million people. He has 17 million. That’s starting out with out with 35 [million]. All they need to do is find another 7 or 8 million, and we got the race,” he said.

Ed Towns on Endorsing Obama, Yesterday