Elected Officials Protest Brooklyn Jail, Connor and Squadron Both Show

Superintern Bharat Ayyar has a report from a protest against reopening the Brooklyn House of Detention, where a hearty collection of elected officials pointed out that “people live here now.”

He also sent in this dispatch on a delicate situation that unfolded there:

There was an unexpected guest at this afternoon’s rally to stop the Brooklyn House of Detention’s reopening and expansion: Dan Squadron, who is challenging State Senator Marty Connor in 25th district. His attendance was not announced prior to the event.

Connor was there, too, which could have made for an awkward situation. I asked Connor what he thought about Squadron making an appearance.

“He can show up,” Connor said. “This is a government officials’ press conference. That’s why I’m here. If he wants to try and make a campaign of it, he can.”

He paused, then added, “It’s a free sidewalk–there’s a lot of people here.”

Did Squadron think it was weird that both of them were present?

“My view on this sort of thing–and this is what I’ve said to the stakeholders–the more people you have fighting for right, the better,” said Squadron. “I hope that me being so strongly on this has pushed him. I’m glad to see anyone, anyone, on the right side of this.”