Elsewhere: Closing Up, Settling Down

The Clinton campaign’s new message is that Barack Obama should choose his own V.P.

Ben notes that this is a much better strategy if she actually wants to get on the ticket.

Obama would like everyone to just chill out about that for a minute.

Hillary Clinton’s New York campaign office is closing.

Most of the New York Congressional delegation isn’t going to bother with the Clinton event on Saturday. (And Anthony Weiner was “a no-show at the no-show presser.”)

Marc Ambinder notes that Kathleen Sebelius will be in Washington later this month for a fund-raiser.

MoveOn.org gets an exception to Obama’s rule about the D.N.C. not taking money from PACs.

Michael Bloomberg was a late addition to the county Republican Lincoln Day Dinner tonight.

Robert Wilmers said a few words while accepting David Paterson’s nomination to be the new ESDC chair.

Hundreds of people rallied in support of Atlantic Yards, but Al Sharpton didn’t show up.

Sheepshead Bites reports that South Brooklyn civic groups are trying to band together to express their concerns more effectively.

Elsewhere: Closing Up, Settling Down