Feinstein on the Meeting, State Democrats Convene

Some details of Hillary Clinton’s Saturday event have been released. [Washington Wire]

Diane Feinstein reveals a little bit about Clinton and Barack Obama’s secret meeting last night. [The Caucus]

Rick Karlin and Irene Jay Liu look at what Clinton’s return to New York will be like for local lawmakers. [Times Union]

McCain supporter Charlie Crist joins Joe Lieberman’s effort to reel in Clinton supporters. [Q Blog] 

The New York State Democratic party is meeting tomorrow to select delegates to go to the D.N.C. [Liz

Steve Cohen considers Obama and John McCain’s positions on the environment. [Green Channel]

A blogger suggests McCain for V.P. [Room 8]

Harlem residents respond to Obama. [Uptown Flavor]

Kurt Anderson worries about the general election. [New York] 


Feinstein on the Meeting, State Democrats Convene