Five Questions: Tinsley Is Meant for Hollywood! Or, At Least, a Brooklyn Soundstage

This afternoon, the Daily Transom rang up Peter Davis, Tinsley Mortimer’s brother-in-law, to inquire about Ms. Mortimer’s upcoming role on Gossip Girl. It turns out that unlike Lydia Hearst, who played a character in the show, Tinsley’s role is a cameo!

So What’s Tinsley’s role on the show?

She’s playing herself. I think it’s sort of tongue-in-cheek. Tinsley lives the life these kids portray on the show only they’re much younger of course.

Where was it shot?

It was at a soundstage in Brooklyn, not the Hamptons.

What was the context of the scene?

She said it was a sort of party scene, some kind of party where everyone is in all white. I think it was like a virginal reference not a reference to Puffy, you know alluding to how innocent everyone is, or rather how terrible all these kids are.

Did the producers give her any lines?

In the scene, she interacts with Blair. She has a few lines. I think she’s supposed to be like an older version of what they are, almost like a shout out to themselves.

Does this mean she might pursue an acting career now?

I think Tinsley should definitely be an actress and Hollywood needs someone like her, with all the trailer trash out there. I think they could really use a good WASP like Tinsley.