Gibbs: Patti Solis Doyle Will Help Obama Court Latinos

Patti Solis Doyle is expected to do some surrogate work for the Obama campaign to help woo Latino voters, according to the campaign’s communications director, Robert Gibbs.

At the end of today’s Obama conference call, Gibbs responded to a question from a Latino reporter who asked what surrogates the campaign might roll out in its effort to court the Latino community’s voters. Gibbs said, “We will fold in surrogates that have been helpful to the Clinton campaign.”

I asked him if Clinton’s former campaign manager, Solis Doyle, would be one of those surrogates.

“I believe she will be,” said Gibbs. “We have obviously hired her to do a very specific job to be the chief of staff to the eventual vice-presidential nominee and I think that’s the job that we hired her to do and we expect her to do and we expect that to take up most of her time.”