Grace Meng to Try Again in Flushing

There’s a new local race to watch in Flushing, where Grace Meng, daughter of former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, has announced she will run for her father’s old seat.

The seat is now held by Ellen Young, who won it when the elder Meng left after one term, citing health problems. The younger Meng ran then, but abandoned her campaign when Young challenged her residency status.

Among other things, the contest will be a test of the strength of Councilman John Liu, the city’s only Asian-American lawmaker and likely 2009 citywide candidate. Liu supported Young in 2006 and is likely to do so again.

Young’s district is a center of Asian politics in the city, and arguably a purer measure of New York Asian political sentiment than Chinatown, where the influence of the Asian vote is diluted because the neighborhood is carved into a number of city and state districts and the population is smaller. (When I covered the truncated Meng-Young race in 2006, it was primarily covered by and fought through non-English-speaking media outlets.)