Gwynnie Will Get Free Babysitting While Hubby Prowls the Globe

“I have a broken toe and I walked here—I break them all the time!” said actress Blythe Danner (a.k.a. Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom), wearing not hideous gladiators but daisy-accented sandals with an elegant white pantsuit at Planned Parenthood’s One Million Strong Cocktail Party on Monday, June 3. She said she would be spending the summer with her grandchildren, Apple and Moses, while her son-in-law, Chris Martin, is on tour with Coldplay.

Ms. Danner was one of several Hollywood grandes dames, including Jane Fonda, Kathleen Turner and Jessica Lange, at the Prince George Ballroom in Murray Hill (or is it North Gramercy?) on Monday, June 2.

Ms. Fonda arrived as her typical glammed-up Southern self, wearing a tangerine-colored Issey Miyake blazer with a texture not unlike that of an egg carton. “We can get certain women in the White House that might as well be a man and we can get certain men in there that are feminists,” she said when asked about our presidential prospects. “I happen to think Obama is a feminist. In general, though, I think women govern in a less hierarchical, ‘I have power over you,’ more inclusive kind of way.”

Ms. Turner, wearing an Asian-style knotted jacket, seemd to agree. “The biggest difference between a woman and a man is of course compassion, ability to communicate and less ego!” she said in her signature raspy voice, adding that she’s been involved with Planned Parenthood since college. “I needed consultation, contraception and a sex education.” Who doesn’t, honey, who doesn’t