Heidi Klum Sells $5.35 M. Penthouse to Guy Who Makes Nail Polish Rock Art

klumgetty Heidi Klum Sells $5.35 M. Penthouse to Guy Who Makes Nail Polish Rock ArtBank Street is a funny place. A man who makes mixed-media rock ‘n’ roll art, combining old pictures of Mick or Neil or Bob with "nail polish and pieces of burlap combined with gold leaf paint," just bought an expensive 166 Bank Street penthouse from a woman who hosts Germany’s Next Topmodel and Project Runway and gets paid a lot to wear pink underwear.

According to a deed filed today in city records, Steve Joester and his wife, Debra, spent $5.35 million for Heidi Klum’s penthouse, which, unfortunately for the supermodel, is a quarter million dollars less than the price The Daily News reported a week ago.

Mr. Joester wouldn’t comment on the sale. "This is private, so…" he said, before hanging up.

On the bright side, Ms. Klum’s billing address, for some reason, is listed on the deed at the same Broadway building where The New York Observer has its offices. Sweet.

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