Hills Spinoff Will Not Include Olivia Palermo

MTV is reportedly planning a spin-off for The Hills starring New York native Whitney Port, who will travel bicoastally while working for fashion PR firm, People’s Revolution, according to US Weekly. Lame, we know.

But! Hidden in the second part of the story is the little detail that Ms. Port will befriend a group of New York girls, including Socialite Rank casualty Olivia Palermo. So yes, we dropped our chicken and broccoli and immediately dialed Ms. Palermo’s publicist, who batted aside the rumors, which typically means it’s totally true.

Here’s what Ms. Palermo’s rep told the Daily Transom over the phone:

“She is not involved. I am aware of the spin-off show but Olivia has no formal plans to appear on it at this time. If she makes an appearance, it will be completely organically. I’m not saying that she couldn’t appear on an episode if she were attending an event where they were filming, but we are not currently in talks with the network. As far as I know, the two have never met and they’re certainly not friends. Olivia is not the kind of girl who is going to be paid to be friends with someone.”