Jane Pratt on Condé Nast: 'There Were Resentments on Both Sides'

This week’s Page Six Magazine features a profile of former Sassy editor and Jane founder, Jane Pratt. The story, by Deborah Kolben (not online, like nearly all P6M content), has a little tidbit about the editor’s difficult relationship with Condé Nast, the owner (after the corporate shuffle of Fairchild Publication) of her eponymous magazine:

It’s not clear who ended the relationship; Jane claims that it was a mutual breakup, though she admits ‘there were resentments on both sides.’… ‘I can’t say I was thrilled with what happened to Jane after I left,’ she says, adding that she ‘pissed’ that new editor Brandon Holley wanted to make it ‘pretty.’

The article also features an amusing vignette about Ms. Pratt’s editorial commitment: “[S]he didn’t stop working even when her water broke. ‘I was in the middle of editing and I wanted to finish,’ she says. ‘I really did think that I could do it all.’ Staffers, including her managing editor and assistant, trooped over to Mount Sinai hospital, where they kept drafting Jane’s editor’s letter and choosing photos for a fashion story until he doctors kicked them out.”