Keira Knightley to Be A New Fair Lady?

Move over Claire Danes! Keira Knightley is currently being courted to star as Eliza Doolittle in a big-screen remake of My Fair Lady. (Ms. Danes was pretty boring in the recent stage revival). Ms. Knightley will continue with the period movies with a romantic twist. She’s already made her name as an actress in King Arthur, Pride & Prejudice, Atonement and maybe you can throw Pirates of the Caribbean in there too. She does look very pretty in those huge Victorian gowns that cinch at her teeny tiny waist.

In My Fair Lady she’ll play the rag-tag Cockney girl who is transformed into an elegant lady by a conniving professor. Variety reports:

While it’s being called an update, the film will use the tuner’s score and retain its 1912 setting. Where possible, Kenworthy and Mackintosh intend to shoot the film on location in the original London settings of Covent Garden, Drury Lane, Tottenham Court Road, Wimpole Street and the Ascot racecourse. (The 1964 Warner Bros. film was lensed entirely on Hollywood soundstages.)

The filmmakers plan to adapt Alan Jay Lerner’s book more fully for the screen by drawing additional material from George Bernard Shaw’s play “Pygmalion,” which served as the source material for the musical. The goal is to dramatize the emotional highs and lows of Doolittle as she undergoes the ultimate metamorphosis under the tutelage of Professor Henry Higgins.

“This update will preserve the magic of the musical while fleshing out the characters and bringing 1912 London to life in an authentic and exciting way,” said Col co-president Doug Belgrad.

Kenworthy, who worked with Knightley on “Love Actually,” said, “With 40 years of hindsight, we’re confident that by setting these wonderful characters and brilliant songs in a more realistic context, and by exploring Eliza’s emotional journey more fully, we will honor both Shaw and Lerner at the same time as engaging and entertaining contemporary audiences the world over.”

Keira Knightley to Be A New Fair Lady?