Kristin Davis Will Design Charlotte-Like Clothing

It seems there is no end to news coming out from the release of Sex and The City or about its stars.

Women’s Wear is reporting that Kristin Davis will design an affordable clothing line for Belk, a North Carolina based retailer, that will sell from $34 to $240 when it appears in 126 of the company’s stores in August. Most of the pieces are inspired by the things in Ms. Davis’ closet, which are apparently not unlike that of her character, Charlotte York; so it’ll be called Kristin Davis, not Charlotte York.

Ms. Davis told the daily that she grew up saving her allowance to shop at Belk.

“In the South, there is a feminine quality that often gets lost in high fashion. Belk understands,” said the actress.

“Charlotte dresses in a very feminine way, and I love her playful nature,” she said.

The line will reportedly feature A-line skirts, dresses, blouses, and other pieces with feminine details like flowers and jewels.

So the line is like very feminine, OK?

And in case you’re wondering about the announcement of the line days after the movie’s opening, it’s a pure coincidence! The company’s and the actress’ spokespeople say they have been in talks way before the movie was even going to be made. Pure coincidence indeed.


Kristin Davis Will Design Charlotte-Like Clothing