Kyrillos gets ready for Oxley era in Monmouth County

Monmouth County Republicans don’t anticipate any dustups tonight as two-year chairman Adam Puharic hands over the gavel to former Sheriff Joe Oxley. Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Monmouth), dean of the Monmouth Republicans, has known Oxley since the two were ten and eleven years old. He calls the incoming chairman a “straight arrow,” who is well-qualified to help withstand what the Democrats promise will be a tough fight for two freeholder seats. Control of the board is at stake this year. “You look at the all-Republican legislative delegation here, it’s a star-studded cast filled with bright people,” Kyrillos said. “It proves that this is a formidable organization at its core, and Joe Oxley will prove himself a sturdy and able leader.” Kyrillos said he’s not troubled by the fact that Oxley works at the law firm Scarinci and Hollenbeck, which has strong Democratic Party ties and claims Bergen County Democratic chair Joseph Ferreiro among its partners. “Everybody needs to make a living,” said the senator. “My understanding is that it’s a good law firm, big a law firm. It has some well-known Democrats in its ranks, but it seems to produce a good product.” An ally of outgoing chair Adam Puharic’s, Kyrillos praised the work of the young Republican and gave a nod to the toughness of Puharic’s job. “After two years with young children and a career, I think he had enough,” the senator said. “In an easier era, he might have been able to do this job on auto pilot. But this is a turbulent era with new fund-raising rules new press rules and a blogosphere unheard of four or five years ago. For a person who needs to focus on other priorities, it can be a very tough mission.”