Man Scaling Up the Times Tower; 41st Street Comes to a Halt; C.E.O. Janet Robinson Not Pleased [Updated]

We just got a tip that a man is currently scaling up the north side of the New York Times tower, and he’s about half way to the top! 41st Street has completely stopped to a halt, and Times reporters and editors—and construction workers and cops—have spilled onto 8th avenue and 41st Street and are looking up and staring. He has hung up a banner along the building saying something to the effect of: Global Warming Kills.

We’ll have updates—and images!—as soon as they come in.

Update, 12:25 PM: City Room has a full account. Apparently the man scaling the building is named Alain Robert, a usual suspect. And C.E.O. Janet Robinson isn’t one bit amused! “This is a publicity stunt, it looks like,” Janet L. Robinson, the chief executive of The New York Times Company, said as she entered the building. “There is definitely going to be an arrest.”

Update, 1PM: Our trusty intern Louise McCready made her way to 41st Street and reports back that all is under control again! Mr. Robert made it to the roof where he was apprehended by police. His neon green banner is still waving from the ninth floor. For the most part, people have stopped gawking, and have returned to work.

One businessman, however, named Bawa Jain still couldn’t contain himself. “Incredible. Impossible. My heart was in my throat! I thought he was going to fall!”