Men's Wear Designers Roll Eyes at Marc Jacobs's Facebook Exploits

Speaking of fashion! Now that we know the latest in Marc Jacobs’ love life at the click of his Facebook page, the Transom was wondering: Will other designers follow suit?

“I don’t have a Facebook page,” said Thom Browne, rolling his eyes. “I have no interest in people knowing my personal life.” Mr. Browne was speaking at Ago Ristorante in Tribeca on Thursday, May 29, at a party thrown by GQ. “I have no idea what’s going on with Marc Jacobs,” he sniffed. “I hope he’s having a good time.”

Last year, Mr. Browne was romantically linked to an angelic Columbia undergrad—does he have someone in his life now? “My personal life is personal!” he said. So quaint!

A few feet away, designer Michael Bastian was asked about the Jacobsian way. “Well, I don’t have a Facebook account for that exact reason!” he said. “But you also don’t have a choice at a certain point. When you become such a superstar like that—I’m nowhere near that—that’s part of the price that you pay. Either you don’t give a shit and you roll with it, or you don’t live your life.”

Meanwhile, over at the bar, there was West Village habitué John Bartlett, currently creating a line for Liz Claiborne. Would he put it out there on the Net? “No, not anymore,” he said. “When I broke up with my lover of 12 years, it was in Page Six—it was kind of horrifying! Now I’m very happily married.” (To custom framer John Esty.) But married-married? Like California-style?

“Well, we haven’t gotten married in front of our families. But we feel married. We’re still negotiating, our lawyers are still negotiating!”


Men's Wear Designers Roll Eyes at Marc Jacobs's Facebook Exploits