More Eye Surgery for Paterson

David Paterson made an unscheduled stop at the doctor’s office and underwent laser eye surgery, his third operation in two months.

Here’s the statement from Paterson’s communication director, Risa Heller:

“This afternoon, as Governor Paterson was traveling to New York City to attend his son’s graduation, he experienced pain in his left eye. He went to his physician’s office at Mount Sinai Medical Center for an evaluation where he learned the pressure in his left eye had increased, causing the pain. The doctor found that the prior iriditomy that had been performed to relieve the pressure on his eye (glaucoma) had partially closed – a common occurrence in patients who have a cataract. The Governor had a short laser procedure to relieve pressure on that eye and fully reopen the channel. He left the doctor’s office to serve as the commencement speaker at his son’s graduation. After the ceremony he will return to the doctor’s office for a follow-up visit to ensure that the procedure had the desired result.”