More Treatment at HBO?

Hot and bothered Gabriel Byrne (he’s a really good listener!) might be back in his therapist’s chair for the next season of In Treatment on HBO. Although the network hasn’t officially renewed the show, producers told the Los Angeles Times’ Show Tracker blog that they’ll start shooting “sometime in the fall,” according to current show runner show runner Rodrigo Garcia. “We have to write a lot of scripts before then.” Mr. Garcia plans to step down and make room for Warren Leight, who has run Law & Order: Criminal Intent for the last two years.

Garcia plans to stay on as an executive producer and oversee post-production but would hand over head writing duties to Leight, a Tony Award-winning playwright.

“It’s a very, very difficult show to make,” Garcia said. “Bear in mind, we did 43 episodes and it’s all-consuming and it’s exhausting, so I just thought it would be great to have someone to share the weight. And Warren is a very good show runner and an excellent playwright, so I’m happy to have him. But I’m still a part of it.”

HBO executives declined to comment, as negotiations over the series’ second season are ongoing. And representatives for Byrne did not immediately respond to requests for comment.