Morelle: What's So Inevitable About Barack Obama?

It looks grim for Hillary Clinton and her supporters. But Joe Morelle, an upstate Assemblyman and Clinton supporter, says there’s plenty of reason to be upbeat.

“If I were a superdelegate right now,” Morelle told me, “and hadn’t committed, I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a rational for voting for Senator Obama over Hillary Clinton. She’s winning everywhere.”

(As if proving his point, the Clinton campaign sent out an email shortly after the interview announcing the support of upstate “automatic delegate” Irene Stein.)

Morelle added, “She’s now ahead of Senator McCain in North Carolina, a state where she lost the Democratic primary a month and a half ago, two months ago. She’s now leading Senator McCain in polls in North Carolina. It’s been a remarkable turnaround.

“I just hope Democrats are watching what’s happening on the ground right now instead of what happened two months ago,” Morelle said.

“What’s interesting,” he said, “is that if it’s so inevitable, and everybody is so certain that Senator Obama is the best candidate, why is it that Senator Clinton keeps winning primaries?”

Morelle: What's So Inevitable About Barack Obama?