Morning Memo: Gays Cruise Home of Cruise and Holmes! And Tatum Offers Free Legal Counseling to Her Dealer

Strand bookstore owner, Fred Bass, is “baffled and amazed” and Cynthia Rowley is “upset” that the city’s promotional agency, NYC and Co., shot the designer in the bookstore for the city’s “Just Ask the Locals” campaign, but advertised it as Midtown’s Kinokuniya Books instead. [P6]

Entertainment Tonight finally retracted the claim that Angelina Jolie’s twins were born last week. [NY Daily News]

Tatum O’Neal, who blamed her crack-buying on the death of her dog, emerged from spending a night in prison laughing and offering her drug dealer, legal help. [Daily Intel]

An attendee at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ housewarming party said, “Everyone he’s been having issues with was invited: Sumner Redstone, Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, you name it. Then there were all the gays, which was hilarious because Scientology ‘cures’ gays . . . There’s a tenet in Scientology that basically says, ‘After you cut people off, you have to invite them back in.’ Especially if your career’s in trouble, I guess.” [P6]

A gust of wind at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards revealed Lindsay Lohan wearing Spanx. [NY Daily News]