Morning Memo: Gershon and Clinton Just Friends; Cosby's Sweaters Surprisingly Unpopular

Gina Gershon and her team of lawyers are going after Vanity Fair for alleging that she has been having an affair with Bill Clinton. [TMZ]

Ethan Hawke and pregnant fiancée Ryan Shawhughes, who used to be the nanny of his two children with Uma Thurman, were seen applying for their marriage license and are getting ready to wed. [P6]

Thom Browne, despite being swooned over by the fashion world at the CFDAs this year, is reportedly having trouble pitching his short-legged suits to consumers. [P6]

Ellen Barkin likes it when bike messengers tell her she looks hot. [P6]

The City is reluctant to approve Robert DeNiro’s penthouse atop his new Tribeca hotel because he failed to ask for adequate permission before building it. [Rush & Malloy]

Tatum O’Neal went off to an AA meeting after getting released from jail. [NY Daily News]

No one wants to buy Bill Cosby’s sweaters on eBay. [The Cut]