Morning Memo: Rest in Peace, Yves Saint-Laurent

Designer Yves Saint Laurent died at home in his apartment in Paris yesterday at the age of 71. [NY Times]

Tatum O’Neal, who wrote a memoir in 2004 about her drug addiction, was arrested for buying crack on the Lower East Side on Sunday morning from a homeless man. [NY Daily News]

Lindsay Lohan reportedly passed on a $1 million offer from OK! magazine to do a cover where she “comes out” about her gay relationship with Samantha Ronson. [P6]

Suze Orman says that with today’s economy, Carrie Bradshaw would have to switch from Manolos to Payless. [Intelligencer]

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard want you to know that they walk to Brooklyn Academy of Music in downtown Brooklyn from their Park Slope home, despite Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz introducing them the other night as “the most glamorous of the stroller derby crew in Park Slope.” [P6]

Ashley Olsen continues to date Lydia Hearst’s ex, Justin Bartha. [P6]

Along with losing her temper and possibly her freedom, Naomi Campbell is also apparently losing her hair. [NY Daily News]

P. Diddy and Cameron Diaz have been seen going into a lot of rooms together. [NY Daily News]


Morning Memo: Rest in Peace, Yves Saint-Laurent