Morning Memo: Uma Engaged; Oprah Snubbed

uma062708 Morning Memo: Uma Engaged; Oprah SnubbedUma Thurman is reportedly engaged to financier Arpad Busson. [NY Daily News]

Those awkward photos of Sean Avery standing shirtless in a fashion closet at Men’s Vogue mysteriously disappeared from the magazine’s Web site. [Radar]

Graydon Carter, Jann Wenner, Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Buffet, Gay Talese and others gathered at the Waverly Inn on Wednesday to celebrate Gonzo, a Carter-produced documentary about the life and work of Hunter S. Thompson. [WWD]

Raffaello Follieri’s friends reportedly want Anne Hathaway to come get the chocolate lab the couple bought together. [P6]

Bill Clinton was reportedly less than friendly to Obamaphile Oprah Winfrey at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday on Wednesday night. [P6]

At the Alma luxury condos on West 21st Street, a sommelier will pick out seasonal wines for you, while a master confectioner will create custom chocolates to go on your pillow. [P6]

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