Morning Memo: When Nicholas Met Carla; Tom Ford's Unkindest Cuts

Carla Bruni says she was seduced by Nicolas Sarkozy’s “physique and intelligence” in a new book, Carla and Nicolas, The True Story. [P6]

Ethan Hawke can’t get out of jury duty. [P6]

Gabriel Byrne studied Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, and Dick Cavett to prepare for his role as a therapist on In Treatment. [Daily Intel]

Tom Ford is upset that Britain’s GQ Style censored all the carefully arranged penises next to his essay about, well, censorship of the penis. [The Cut]

Michelle Obama will co-host the June 18th episode of The View. [US Weekly]

Mark Ronson on summer camp: “I got there, and with my fear of heights, found all the lower bunks were taken. I was afraid of complaining and being forever known as a p – – – -, so I just swallowed it. I remember going to bed the first time and waking up in the middle of the night just in time for everything to go black as I hit the ground. The camp doctor . . . sent me right to the hospital, proudly telling me, ‘We don’t [bleep] around with head injuries, son.’ ” [P6]