New York Congress Members Endorse Obama; Rangel To Attend Announcement

Representatives Greg Meeks, Yvette Clarke and Ed Towns put out a joint statement just now endorsing Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

They are planning a 1 p.m. press conference at City Hall on Friday. There’s another press conference happening in D.C. at 1 p.m. today.

All of them they previously endorsed home-state Senator Hillary Clinton, although Obama won their districts on the February 5 primary.

According to an aide for Meeks, Charlie Rangel, Bill Thompson, Helen Marshall, Malcolm Smith and Adolfo Carrion, Jr. will also be there.

Here’s the statement:

Endorse Senator Barack Obama as the Presumptive Presidential Nominee for the Democratic Party

New York Congressional Delegation Members Support Presidential Candidate Barack Obama

Washington, DC—Thursday, Wednesday, June 4, 2008—US Reps. Chairman Ed Towns, Gregory W. Meeks and Yvette D. Clarke issued a joint statement tonight supporting Barack Obama as the Democratic Presidential nominee, “After a long and vigorous primary process that has shattered barriers and involved millions of enthusiastic voters, it is clear that Senator Barack Obama has crossed the delegate threshold and is the presumptive Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party. We congratulate him on this historic achievement and endorse his candidacy.

“It is critical that all delegates and all Democrats come together now to unite our party and put our efforts into mobilizing a strong collective push for the White House. We stand ready to rally behind Senator Obama as we begin the next phase in the process of electing the next president of the United States of America.

“Our party has much to be proud of as we reflect on the historical nature of our primary process, the exceptional caliber of our candidates and the unprecedented level of voter participation.

“We are pleased that Senator Clinton’s history-making campaign contributed so greatly to the invigoration of millions in our party and strengthened our commitment to policies that will improve the lives of Americans. We are certain that she will continue to play an essential role as we work to address the needs of all of our constituencies and ultimately succeed in November.

“By their participation and engagement in this 50-state process, Americans have demonstrated that they are eager for change and want to see our country take a new direction. Senator Obama has demonstrated that he has the courage and capacity to lead and will do so with wisdom, initiative, imagination, and steadfastness. We stand firmly in his corner and are ready to help him continue to make history on behalf of the American people in November and when a victorious Barack Obama takes office next January.” [End]

New York Congress Members Endorse Obama; Rangel To Attend Announcement