Obama Echoes Clinton on German Solar Power, Not on the Gas-Tax Holiday

In light of the news that Barack Obama will be appearing with Hillary Clinton in Unity, New Hampshire on Friday, it’s worth noting that Obama has already started borrowing from Clinton’s campaign rhetoric.

“Germany, a country as cloudy as the Pacific Northwest, is now a world leader in the solar power industry and the quarter million new jobs it has created,” Obama said today in Las Vegas.

That echoes Clinton’s familiar, and sharper, line about Germany’s solar power production. As she said in Fresno on October 24, “Explain to me why Germany gets more of its electricity from solar power than California. This makes no sense. I was in Nevada yesterday–they’ve got all this sun, all this vacant land–they could be powering Las Vegas with wind and solar.”

Then again, he continues to stick with his attack on the gas-tax holiday, an idea that Clinton supported during primary season.

From today in Las Vegas: “I realize that gimmicks like the gas tax holiday and offshore drilling might poll well these days. But I’m not running for President to do what polls well, I’m running to do what’s right for America. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make gas prices go down, but I can’t.”