Obama on Johansson, Judge on Grasso

Lynn Sweet offers some help for out-of-town reporters. [Lynn Sweet]

Barack Obama says that Scarlett Johansson sort of exaggerated the extent of their relationship. [The Trail]

Daniel Libit tries to get to the bottom of where all the political strategists on cable TV come from. [Politico]

MTV is taking political ads. [Ad Age]

David Kurtz points out an Albanian coincidence. [T.P.M.]

Hillary Clinton thanked Obama for helping her raise money to relieve her campaign debt. [Ben]

The State Supreme Court dropped its case against Dick Grasso–part of Eliot Spitzer’s legacy. [Liz]

Ralph Nader wonders out loud if Obama is trying to “talk white.” [First Read]

Obama on Johansson, Judge on Grasso