'Plunged 18 Stories… Landed Like a Knife in The Grass'

The Bloomberg administration and the City Council on Wednesday unvieled a 13-point legislative package aimed at improving construction safety.

It couldn’t come too soon in Lower Manhattan, where Goldman Sachs is building its new 43-story headquarters at West and Vesey streets. From the Wall Street Journal yesterday:

[T]he $2.4 billion building has been beset by problems. In December, architect Robert Woo suffered paralyzing injuries when seven tons of aluminum wall studs fell from the building and crushed a trailer he was in. May 17, a 30-inch-by-30-inch aluminum plate dislodged from a construction hoist and plunged 18 stories. It landed like a knife in the grass, according to witnesses.

Oh, and little kids play near the construction site:

“I was really scared,” says 10-year-old Alexander Monticciolo, who was playing baseball when the plate landed about 20 feet away from him. “When it landed, everyone just stared at it.”

'Plunged 18 Stories… Landed Like a Knife in The Grass'