Report: 'Garfield' Creator Loves Online Remix

Not all copyright holders dislike their online détournment. In an article in today’s New York Times about the website Garfield Minus Garfield, ‘Garfield’ creator Jim Davis says he’s favorably impressed by creator Dan Walsh’s alterations to his long-running syndicated comic strip about a lasagna-loving cat and his dimwitted human and canine companions. On Garfield Minus Garfield, the strips are purged of their eponymous feline, leaving just heavy-lidded human John Arbuckle, who now appears to be talking to himself instead of carrying on a normal conversation with his cat.

“Some of them really work, and some of them work better,” Mr. Davis told the Times‘ Cate Doty. According to the paper, Mr. Davis finds the site “fascinating” and it “has actually prompted him to take a different look at his own work.”

One wonders what he’ll make of another, slightly weirder online tribute.