Ron Galotti's Big Week in the Spotlight: It's All About Being Out of the Spotlight!

Ron Galotti, the former Condé Nast exec who was the inspiration for Sex and the City‘s Mr. Big, has gotten a bit of press this past week. There’s an item in WWD‘s Memo Pad today in which he surveys the red-carpet crowd at last week’s movie Sex and the City premiere.

And then there’s this profile in The Burlington Free Press where a reporter spends a day with him at his farm. Much of the story details Galotti’s complaints about New York, and why he skipped town to hide in an expansive farm:

Galotti said 35 years in New York City and the accumulation of what he calls “drag and jing” — power and money — were getting to him. His job required him to socialize and go out on the town, but Broadway shows and cultural events weren’t his thing. He was tired of going to the Waldorf so often that every waiter would greet him with “Mr. Galotti, vegetable platter?,” his regular dish.

“How many black ties can you go to?” he said. “If you need three extra tuxedos, I’ve got them.”

He’d go to work at 7 a.m. and come home at midnight, rarely seeing his young daughter. He was wealthy, powerful, well-known and miserable.

He has some old tokens at home that remind him of the city, but otherwise he “excitedly talks” about harvesting hay:

Aside from copies of The New York Times and New York Post on his kitchen counter, there were few signs in Galotti’s house last week of his old connections. A wall in his bedroom displays photos from those days, some showing him with celebrities — Morgan Fairchild, Mickey Rourke, Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Jerry Hall — but many showing him with the behind-the-scenes people who helped him build his publications and his career.

Otherwise, Galotti, Lisa and Abbi are living a Vermont lifestyle with their 3-year-old mutt, Ruby, in a house that Galotti excitedly talks about having gutted and completely refurbished, on a property where he harvests hay and shoes horses.

Ron Galotti's Big Week in the Spotlight: It's All About Being Out of the Spotlight!